Why a lot of men prefer dating BBW today


Today, having a date is very normal in our daily life. But if you are a fat girl, you may lack of confidence to date with someone, because you are afraid that others don't like your figure. As a matter of fact, there are so many men who prefer having dates with fat women (BBW dating), it means you still have many opportunities to have a date. Here, i would like to tell you why a lot of men want to dating BBW today? And you may find your confidence and values from my words. 

First of all, fat women have a kind of special beauty, many people called it classic beauty. Because from some historical works and some movies which about ancient time, we can see many beautiful and famous women are very fat. That is the beauty in ancient people's eyes. So, nowadays, some men still like fat women, it is not a surprising thing i think. Secondly, in our daily life, if some of your friends are fat, you can easily find an obvious feature of them. They all have large breasts. That's it! So, some men who like those women with large breasts, they usually choose to date BBW. And what's more, they think women with large breasts are good for developing their children in the future. Thirdly, we can find that it is difficult to guess fat people's real age, right? That's because many fat women look younger than those slim women in our daily life. And also, the wrinkles on fat peopel's face are not very obvious compared with others. So, that why men want to seek for fat women to date. 

Fourthly, fat women always have very soft muscle and if you touch it you will feel very comfortable. So, for some men, they like this kind of feeling. For example, when they hug fat women, it feels like touch a bear with soft fur. And when they are watching TV, they can snuggle up to fat women, it feels like a soft pillow. These two examples are too vivid i think. The last point is that fat women don't mind go outside and have big meals. You know, for those slim girls who attach much importance to their figures, they dare not eat too much or even go on a diet. Many men do not like this kind of girl actually, because it will make them lose their appetite if girls refuse to eat together and just watch them eat. So, men prefer to hookup and date BBW and eat happily with them.

In conclusion, from what i have said, you can easily find that fat women are very popular among men actually. So, don't always think about your body figure and how to be slim. Just do yourself and be happy!

Advantages of Dating on BBW Apps


There is no doubt that everyone in this world worships perfection. We all wish that we can have a perfect life, a perfect partner, a perfect look and etc. However, that is not always true when we really in search of our partner. So, for big beautiful women and big men, finding a suitable and the right one in your life should be your priority. If you think it is difficult for you to meet many new plus size singles to choose from, you can try BBW dating apps or websites where you will have lots of opportunities to connect with so many singles. 

The first thing BBW women and curvy men should do is not change your weight or start an exercise program. Instead, you should forget those misconceptions you have for yourself. You do not need those wrong statements to stop you from finding your love and happiness. Just remember that everyone has the right to pursue things they want and everyone needs to fight for it when there is hope. 

Don’t try to think that men all like skinny girls! This is the biggest mistake for you to think of that. When you join a dating app or a site for curvy women and men, you will find thousands of singles who prefer to date big women like you. And they can understand you and take good care of you when you two start a relationship. So, it is not right to assume that the man you like don’t like you. When you meet the one you are interested in, just be brave and confident to contact him or her. Things may be different when you step out.

Even if the one you are interested in is not into you, you don’t have to be embarrassed because it is easy to accept the result online. That’s another advantage of BBW online dating. When you like a person or when you send him or her messages, he or she rejects you or you don’t receive replies, you can move on to the next. But do remember that there is no one that will refuse you because of your look or your weight. So, just be positive to contact all the potential dates that you are interested in and wait for those who are interested in you too to reply your messages. That’s much easier to find the right BBW partner for yourself.

Online BBW dating offers all big beautiful women and big handsome men a great chance to get to know each other before making it happen in real world. Maybe you don’t like others to approach you because of you look, or you don’t be so positive about your look. This is the best way for you to meet the one that really like you because he or she really understands you. Thus, you don’t be suspicious when you two decide to meet in person.

Some suggestions for you when you are ready to date a BBW


According to a survey, nearly 33.3% of the people in the world have over weight problem. Most of them feel that obesity has exerted huge impact on their life, both physically and mentally. Especially when they try to get a relationship. While there is certain amount of people who specially tend to choose the big beautiful woman when dating, thinking they are cute. However, due to their customary self-protection awareness, many are shut out. Unlike those skinny women, many BBW are very sensitive and unconfident. They need more extra regards and compliments than others. Here are some tips on how to date big beautiful women.

1. Help her regain confidence
As mentioned above, many BBW lacks confidence. Firstly, by praising her appearance frequently, she would feel that she's beautiful even though she is plus sized. Secondly, you can help her find fortes. For instant, she may have a perfect lips and eyes. She may be good at playing piano or some other things. Once you find it, praise her as much as you can.

2. Make eye contact
Always remember to make eye contact when talking to her. In this way, she can feel she's valued and respected.

3. Enjoy her company
Make her feel you enjoy her company. Laugh at her jokes and do not let her think you are bored. BBWs usually are very sensitive. They'll easily notice if you are happy or not.

4. Make her feel she's protected
Be sure to send her home safely after every date. Do not take it for granted that she will be absolutely safe with her figure. Always keep her inside of the road. Be gentle and attentive. Remember
she's just a girl who needs to be protected.

5. Do not ask about her weight
The topic BBWs do not want to discuss the most is about their weight. Therefore, do not ask such questions as "What is your weight", "How much do you eat" and so on, or they'll feel being offended
No one is perfect even yourself. As long as you love her, you should embrace her every character and every shortcoming.

6. Do not mind how much she eats
It is inevitable that BBWs eat more than other skinny women. They need more food to support their body. Do not judge how much she eats. 

It is commonly acknowledged that BBWs are usually funnier and more considerate than other women once you know how to get along with them. They know how to take care of your feelings just 
like knowing how they should be took care of.

Why a lot of men prefer dating BBW today


Dating can add more fun to life and will bring us many beautiful memories before building a relationship. As for plus size women, most of them will find Big Beautiful women dating for them is tough but tempting. They are willing to try various ways to get themselves a perfect dating partner. And most of them will be confident that there will be the one who is waiting for them. So, there are many websites have sprung up to offer an effective way for BBW women to meet their true love. With those dating tips below, you are going to achieve a good result in online dating arena.

The first thing you have to state in your profile clearly is that you are single, which can attract those who prefer to start a serious relationship with a curvy woman to you. It will be an important aspect for most men to choose a partner when they are looking for a date online. They will choose to avoid those who already have a committed status. Thus it will be easier to build a long term and more interesting relationship with the one they really interested in. So, if you are single, please make sure you project it in your profile to win yourself a serious relationship.

Joining sites or forums that are created for singles chubby women is another way to find your partner in your life. The sites you should choose are those that only allow single BBW and their admirers to join, which will make sure that every member you meet is single who is looking for a serious relationship online. Except for finding single who would like to date women like you, you can also get some useful dating tips and dating experiences from others who have had successfully found themselves a great relationship online. 

Make yourself to believe that there are many benefits you will enjoy once they sign up with a plus size dating website. Many singles don’t know that. But in fact, it really can do a great favor for you if you are in trouble of finding your perfect love. You will no longer meet someone under a great pressure or worry much about if he will like your weight. And also, you will have the chance to meet more and more BBW women from all over the world who may share many experiences with you and be your friends.

Mistakes That Make Dating Difficult for BBW


Did you find it is difficult for you to meet many potential dates online? Did you feel that it seemed like there is something that prevents men to get to contact to you? After that situation have lasted for a long time, you may lose hope on dating on BBW dating apps and blame yourself for not looking good and attractive to single men. Please don’t do that. The reasons may be something else, like your dating profiles, your setting online, your negative status and so on. Here let’s take a look at those potential mistakes that you should pay attention to avoid to improve your BBW dating experience. 

You choose the wrong photos: Your pictures supposed to be the main draw to attract other men to you. But you chose pictures without your clear face, or pictures with many friends, which may hold back many members to be interested in you. So, for full-figures women, please delete those photos and upload at least two photos - one with your face looking clearly and one with your whole body showing attractive. Don’t be afraid that your plus size body will scare men away. Instead, they will be attracted by your body if they are the one in your life.

You put information that lacks appeal in your profile: Singles online may want to get a basic understanding about you through your content in your profile. But the information you put in your profile is something general and casual, which will not catch the attention of other members. So, big beautiful women who are dating online should include things that more personal and attractive in their profile. Better think about what kind of information you want to get in others’ profile and try to perfect yours.

You are waiting too long: You may have got used to waiting for others to contact you just because you are shy and you got a big body. Then you may end with nothing for online dating. As a single curvy women, you should take every chance that you get to contact the man that you are interested in Plus Size dating apps. You know that there are many chubby women like you dating online, then why wait others to steal your chance to meet your love? If you meet the one you are interested in, just send him a wink or send him a message directly to express your interest. Besides, don’t stick on just one member when there are many chances out there.

It’s Time To Meet A New BBW Date


BBW dating is romantic and sweet in the beginning for any big beautiful women. They will immerse themselves in the joy of meeting a perfect BBW lover. However, a long lasting relationship requires two people to be compatible and patient. If you finally start to try to understand your date with your heart and you may find that he is not that perfect as you think. Those signs below will help you tell that if you need to find yourself a new date before it getting worse.

He keeps telling you that he falls in love with you when meet for the first time and will love you forever. If you meet a guy like this one, then he is either loving playing love with curvy women or overly infatuated with you, which will never be a good sign for a healthy relationship. 

He always tries to convince you that he is right and you are wrong. Maybe he will praise you with all the beautiful words for BBW women in the world in the beginning. But soon, you find that he always makes judgments on your looks, your personality and other things on you. And what is ridiculous is that he will convince you to believe you are wrong if you say no to him.

He will flare up sometimes. If your date got a bad temper and will become vicious and even violent, you should stay away from him. Even if he is not mad at you now, you are more likely to be his victim of his bad temper one day after you totally in it.

He is overly possessive about you. Hey BBW girls, you should know that it is not the expression of love if your date tries to control your life. It is unhealthy if he tells you that he is the only person in this world really cares for you, compels you to leave your friends and even your families and doesn’t like it if you smile at a waiter when you are at a restaurant. Maybe his intention is trying to isolate you from your loved ones so no one will remind you that you are dating a improper person.

You become afraid to tell him what you will do. A chubby woman always dreams about having a BBW romance without secrets and lies. But with him, you will always force yourself you keep secrets from him. You will lie about your daily activities without him, even meeting with your best friends, which is going to drive you crazy. You need to stop living like this and say goodbye to him.

The Right Ways to Approach BBW Women


If you are interested in dating big beautiful women, you should know that those single women are harder to approach than others. Because they are unique and different from others. So, here are the tips for guys who don’t know how to approach a chubby women with the right ways. 

Know how to start a conversation. No matter you are approaching a BBW woman in daily life or on BBW dating apps, you should know it is very important to start a conversation smartly. Before initiate a conversation, you should observe this her carefully or read her profile seriously to find a clue to evoke her attention. At least it will get you a reply if you are talking about something that she is interested in.

Make eye contact and show that you are confident. Every women loves men who are confident, including chubby women. Making eye contact is the best way to show that you are confident and will draw the woman to talk with you willingly. 

Don’t hesitate to approach. There are men who are too shy to stop them to approach the curvy women that you fall in love with. Don’t ever do that. Maybe you only got one chance to get to her, but you let it slip away, which is not wise. If you like her, then just step forward and go to talk with her. If you like her profile, just send her a wink or directly send an email to tell her that you are interested in her. The first step may be hard, but you may be lucky to meet the one in your life. 

Be careful with your body language and your behaviors. If may not realize that, but you may send out bad information with your actions in front of her. When she is talking to you, look into her eyes and pay attention to every word she says. When she sends an email to you via dating apps for BBWs, reply timely and don’t keep her waiting. Be a gentleman to people that around you, letting her know that you are a educated and well-mannered man. Smile regularly. Smile is the most beautiful expression in the world and no one would reject a smiling people directly. Your chubby girl will know that you are friendly and kind.

Look carefully and you will find it is easier to approach a BBW girl and start a BBW date the next time when you meet one.