Some suggestions for you when you are ready to date a BBW


According to a survey, nearly 33.3% of the people in the world have over weight problem. Most of them feel that obesity has exerted huge impact on their life, both physically and mentally. Especially when they try to get a relationship. While there is certain amount of people who specially tend to choose the big beautiful woman when dating, thinking they are cute. However, due to their customary self-protection awareness, many are shut out. Unlike those skinny women, many BBW are very sensitive and unconfident. They need more extra regards and compliments than others. Here are some tips on how to date big beautiful women.

1. Help her regain confidence
As mentioned above, many BBW lacks confidence. Firstly, by praising her appearance frequently, she would feel that she's beautiful even though she is plus sized. Secondly, you can help her find fortes. For instant, she may have a perfect lips and eyes. She may be good at playing piano or some other things. Once you find it, praise her as much as you can.

2. Make eye contact
Always remember to make eye contact when talking to her. In this way, she can feel she's valued and respected.

3. Enjoy her company
Make her feel you enjoy her company. Laugh at her jokes and do not let her think you are bored. BBWs usually are very sensitive. They'll easily notice if you are happy or not.

4. Make her feel she's protected
Be sure to send her home safely after every date. Do not take it for granted that she will be absolutely safe with her figure. Always keep her inside of the road. Be gentle and attentive. Remember
she's just a girl who needs to be protected.

5. Do not ask about her weight
The topic BBWs do not want to discuss the most is about their weight. Therefore, do not ask such questions as "What is your weight", "How much do you eat" and so on, or they'll feel being offended
No one is perfect even yourself. As long as you love her, you should embrace her every character and every shortcoming.

6. Do not mind how much she eats
It is inevitable that BBWs eat more than other skinny women. They need more food to support their body. Do not judge how much she eats. 

It is commonly acknowledged that BBWs are usually funnier and more considerate than other women once you know how to get along with them. They know how to take care of your feelings just 
like knowing how they should be took care of.