The Do’s And Don’ts for Casual Hookup


Although many articles mention online dating skills, and these skills are very helpful for those adult friend finders who are looking for casual hookups through the Internet, we also need to be able to talk about the safety of hookup in an unbiased way. We need to be clear. This is about arranging intimacy with someone. We are not talking about online hookup apps where adult friends can meet suitable right people for a lifetime.

Why are we talking about this so important? Some adult friends are wandering around in an attempt to use online dating community, and they expect us to be ashamed. They suspect that the victims will not tell anyone, nor will they report crimes to the police, because this is a shame, which is why we are so vulnerable. They will reply to posts on popular social casual hook up sites, appear in your home to rob or attack you. We know that we don't need to tell you that people don't always look like they look online.
The Internet is an anonymous playground.

It happens more and more. First, if this happens to you, don't blame yourself. This is not your fault. You don't have to report to the police. You don't have to tell your friends. But you don't have to go through these alone. The shame of being a victim of such crimes is strong enough.

Here are some advice of do's and don'ts for safe casual hookup. If the only purpose of meeting someone is to have pure hookup, then you need to pay attention to the following points:

Make the main decision before you meet. What would casual dating like? Will you use protective measures? Where will this romance happen? If possible, you should meet this one in a public place first. Make sure you feel comfortable with this adult friend finder, they are what they want to be. Trust your intuition. If you feel uncomfortable, then leave. If you cannot meet in a public place, if you see more than one person outside, do not open the door, even if they tell you they are here to have fun. Don't put yourself in a position that is overtaken by someone you have never seen.

If you are going back to their place, you should follow him in your car. Remember the road you have driven. Putting a stack of paper and a pencil in your car will help. Make a note of the brand and license plate of their car. Call your friends when you arrive, tell them your address or leave it on your answering machine. Just in case. Once inside the house, look around and see if anything feel weird and uncomfortable. Remember where is the exit. If possible, be sure to stand between the other party and the exit. When you are in their place, do not eat any food or drink anything. If your hookup partner put something in your food or drink, you will be danger. Pay attention to whether the door bolt is locked by the rotation of the key or lock.