The compliments appreciated by big and beautiful women


As we all know, the key to a successful bbw dating life is to know how to bond with the compatible BBW Asian women, BBW white women or BBW white women over messages. One of the most important part is to give right compliments that There are some compliments that actually works on free bbw dating hookup sites. On the best bbw dating sites, your goal is to find big and beautiful women with alluring curves. To help optimize your curvy datingexperiences with BBW women, we have compiled the most effective compliments that will most likely be appreciated by BBW women seeking love online. 

Firstly, it’s important to understand why big and beautiful women are quite sensitive to remarks related to size and weight. Growing up trying hard to fit into the mainstream beauty standard of being slim, big and beautiful women must have gone through and suffered from all kinds of judgements because of their over sized body, which makes giving compliments to your potential BBW women a little bit more complicated than you might think. After interviewing more than 2,000 BBW women looking to conduct an active social life on free bbw hookup apps, the idea of how compliments given to big and beautiful women has been clarified. 

"That blue dress matches your skin tone well" 

Instead of directly addressing the body size of BBW women, why not starting from their dress? According to 38% of BBW women interviewed for the survey, it really makes a difference when a potential BBW lover started complimenting their skin tone, dressing style, grooming hair or any other qualities instead of their body size. And 87% of BBW women consider it a turn off when a BBW admirer get attracted by their plus sized body first, because it’s not creative at all. 

“You carry it well" 

It’s of great importance for big and beautiful women to feel attractive for being who they are, instead of for their plus sized body or curves. Thus, a remark that compliments BBW women as a whole can be brilliant. According to 67% of BBW women seeking love on bbw dating sites, when a BBW admirer compliments their temperate or the quality as a whole, BBW women want to get to know the BBW lovers immediately on bbw dating sites without any intention of ghosting them. 

“I love those who are into outdoor activities”

It’s also a great idea to bond with your potential BBW women over a common ground. If the BBW women you are interested in is a big fan of horse riding, tell them how cool that it in your eyes! 

Last but certainly not least, make your compliment honest and genuine to your BBW women. For example, if you want to compliment one of the qualities you found in your BBW women, tell them why. Instead of saying “you are the most intelligent BBW women I’ve seen”, list out the reasons that made you think so to make your compliment sound authentic to your BBW women.