How to date if you haven’t done it for a while?


Bring cash for at least one drink. It can be very helpful to have enough cash for drinks. Moat bars have the minimum expense for credit card. You might don’t want to stay for a second drink. Besides, it can also eliminate the embarrassment of who pays the bill. I personally like to pay for my own bills in the first hookup, so that we can save us from any negotiation and confusion.

Try a coffee date. I used to prevent going out with anyone during daytime, because it usually means drinking if you are going out. It is bad for my stomach. But now I drink juice. When talking to a stranger, you are going to feel uncomfortable, while drinking coffee can keep you calm and sober. It is a good thing to know someone when you are sober, because you will have better judgment and you will remember. Drinking coffee won’t turn a date sexy. If you are not looking for a date, it might be perfect for you. If someone makes you laugh when you are not drunk, this is a very promising sign, right? Plus, coffee is a lot cheaper than drinks.

Wear clothes that make you comfortable. Since you have saved so much with coffee, buy some cute clothes for yourself. Obviously, when you first start to BBW dating, you want to look hot, right? With most of your clothes go out of date, you might feel stressed out when preparing for a tinder hookup. You might feel that nothing in your closet that can make you feel good about yourself. Wearing something nice can really boost one’s confidence. Therefore, start shopping. Who cares if your date thinks you are hot or not. At least you won’t feel restless when you are sitting next to him.

DO not do things you don’t want to. Once, at the end of an awful date, I shook hands with him. He was upset and said shaking hands was too weird, so I gave him a hug. During my way home, I felt disgusting. It’s just a hug! No big deal! But I don’t want to and it is not necessary. You need to know your adaptive capacity and know how to turn a proposal down when you don’t feel comfortable with it. You shouldn’t be rude to your hookup date and also yourself.

Remember that your date might not be the one. When you go out on a date, if you think you are going to meet your soulmate, then you will be disappointed. This is not only because the reality won’t match your imagination, but also because you have so many ideas about who they are and who you are to them, instead of really getting to know them. Therefore, just try to build connection with the person right in front of you. It can be much sweeter.